Java / JavaScript Developer interview questions

Last 2 months I spend looking for a job.

My job position expectations were:

  • Java Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Team Lead Developer

During my search I visited some companies and had some interviews.

I would like to share with you my experience and the freshest interview questions that companies ask developers like me TODAY.

Feel free to put your interview questions in the comments below!

So here is the list…

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Hey guys

Heys guys! My name is Alexey Matveev.

This is actually my first blog post on this site 🙂

I’m currently under impression of @DeveloperTea podcast №21 and №22, Jonathan Cutrell really makes lazy people like me actually DO things that they can do naturally – share their knowledge with people. And this is what I gonna do – share all the things I KNOW (or would possibly know soon) with YOU, and I hope someday I will feel content, because now I feed like a greedy old man who is reaping the benefits of his miserable knowledge.

So long story short – yes i’m gonna post my ideas / findings as much as I can – and I hope you will kick my ass in the comments because I actually do care about your opinion

JRebel cache not synchronizing

If you are the happy user of JRebel you may not be quite happy for 2 reasons:

  • you 14-day trial licence will expire soon (here I can’t help)
  • JRebel is not working

There are common issues about JRebel discussed like rebel.xml and rebel-remote.xml location, JVM property for remoting set, but nothing is said about my problem with caches so here I’ll try to describe it.

The problem is that local JRebel cache classes are used instead of my IDE compiled classes.

I don’t know why; I will investigate. For now I have a quick fix…

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How to track buy cheap tickets yourself

Hello everyone! Today I’m gona tell you about a common situation in life:

  • you need to buy a ticket for a precise date but there are no available (oh crap!)
  • you know 95% for sure that some tickets will appear for sale suddenly, you want to get them!
  • you have no time and patience to track site from time to time to check for those tickets
  • you can write a programm that’ll do this for you
  • profit!

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